Saturday, April 07, 2007

Naked problem for some

The free e-cards available on my site have been popular since I instituted them several years ago, and to date, 86,859 have been sent. In that time I have had perhaps four complaints, and I guess you'd get about four complaints from 86,859 miraculous cures at Lourdes.

Two of the complaints have referred to the same matter: that the notification email sent with each e-card has a link to the Wilson's Almanac homepage, and that a disgusting naked man is on that page. On both occasions I have told the (very angry female) correspondent that I was proud to show one of the Western world's best-known artworks, Michelangelo's statue of the god Dionysus. In neither case have I received a reply to my response. Maybe I shocked them to death with the image. One can live in hope.

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