Friday, June 02, 2006

Lincoln Hall rescue pix

Click to see Google News -- Hall Dead then Hall Alive

Dan Mazur and Myles Osborne have posted two photos and a written account of the scene of the rescue of Lincoln Hall, thought to have died near the summit of Mt Everest last week.

"Sitting to our left, about two feet from a 10,000 foot drop, was a man. Not dead, not sleeping, but sitting cross legged, in the process of changing his shirt. He had his down suit unzipped to the waist, his arms out of the sleeves, was wearing no hat, no gloves, no sunglasses, had no oxygen mask, regulator, ice axe, oxygen, no sleeping bag, no mattress, no food nor water bottle. 'I imagine you're surprised to see me here,' he said. Now, this was a moment of total disbelief to us all. Here was a gentleman, apparently lucid, who had spent the night without oxygen at 8600m, without proper equipment and barely clothed. And ALIVE."

Dan Mazur and Myles Osborne -- I dips me lid to these heroes and the others who risk their lives and, in some cases, a chance to summit the great mountain, to help a person in distress.

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Blogger Jack said...

It's amazing thatsomeone can survive a night at that altitute, with no supplies at all, and recover enough to be walking a few days later.

10:30 AM  

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