Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Commercial Hotel, Ulmarra

Commercial Hotel, Ulmarra
Commercial Hotel, Ulmarra,
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I went north to Lismore today -- a few hours drive north of home -- and didn't get time to blog. But I thought I'd show a nice part of Australia before I hit the hay.

For many years I drove the Pacific Highway through Ulmarra (just north of Grafton, NSW) and never turned my eyes left into Coldstream St. Discovered it recently and popped in tonight. It's a quaint and old-fashioned precinct with this grand old Aussie pub down the end near the river.

To the north (right) is a beautiful little park with lots of flowers and botanical name tags on trees, no doubt placed there by local citizens. This street is a nice stopover on the trip, and quite out of this world in the dark.


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