Friday, May 05, 2006

Howling Cheese deserves an award, or something

Dear friends of the Almanac:

Most bloggers will tell you that today they watched some TV re-runs, dyed their hair, or had a fight with their boyfriend. The brighter ones will tell you that today they had a cheese sandwich.

I like to think that I have taken the Holy Grail of bloggers, the cheese sandwich, to a high level of art and sophistication, where it belongs. It has a verified Technorati rating of 902,859! Not bad after three years!

Please vote for me. Go to and write something like (you can copy this):

I think Pip Wilson's 'Howling Cheese' blog deserves high ranking in the Worst Blogs of All Time, or even its own category for Really, Really Bad Blogs. Tragically, some of the Bottom 50 blogs listed at Chickenhead no longer exist, which is even more reason to praise Howling Cheese, because it's a proven stayer, having lasted brilliantly since May, 2003. Commitment should be rewarded. Thank you.

Of course, if you know anywhere else to nominate Howling Cheese as the worst blog on the Net, I'd be grateful if you'd do so (see Google "worst blogs"). You might even like to share your nomination with me/us.

Howling Cheese really is bad, I hope you'll agree, and elevates the cheese sandwich blog to the place it deserves in the blogosphere. That wasn't attained without immense effort and dedication.

If you would like to link Howling Cheese on your website as 'The Worst Blog on the Internet', I would be so honoured I can hardly begin to tell you.

Many thanks.

PS If you don't want to nominate Howling Cheese as the World's Worst Blog, Tim Blair's blog is a worthy contender and I won't be offended if you nominate Australia's Most Popular Albeit Most Boring Blog, even if does give a bad name to right-wing pricks-with-ears. More on Mr Blair's weblog later, I promise.

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