Friday, May 05, 2006

Free Speech Australia wants YOU today!

Recently (April 24) I announced a new website, Free Speech Australia. I invite you to join right now and make it an exceptional site to help protect your civil liberties and those of your friends, your family, your children and grandchildren.

Australians are finding their civil liberties undermined at an alarming rate, with the excuse (and it is only an excuse from cynical politicians) being the so-called 'war on terror'. You're cordially invited to visit for news on this vital topic, and also to register, post and leave comments. And, of course, bookmark it and return.

You don't have to be Australian to register for free to Free Speech Oz. But please forward this post today to your Australian friends, as many as you have in your email address book, as this new site has been constructed especially for people to get involved with.

Here's the kind of news and opinion you will find at Free Speech Oz:

Howard ‘controls’ flow of news
“AUSTRALIA’S Press Council says the Howard Government is exerting more control than ever over the flow of information.
“Speaking on World Press Freedom Day, Australian Press Council Chairman Professor Ken McKinnon said information in general was becoming more constrained and carefully hedged around misleading spin.
“‘During Prime Minister (John) Howard’s regime, the Commonwealth has centralised power to an unprecedented degree and used the buzzword ’security’ to erect a seamless protective wall around information flows,’ he said.
“‘Every instance of uncensored flows of information and leaks has been chased down and the chocks put in.’
“Professor McKinnon said the latest instance has been the revival by the Commonwealth of sedition laws.”

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