Thursday, May 04, 2006

Almaniac gets it off

Melissa, a valued free Almanac ezine subscriber cheered me today:

"I haven't written before, but I had to stop and tell you how much we love you. I do NOT begrudge you having a vacation, and leaving us a daily way to check the calendar is nice. Everyone where I work asks me 'what does Pip have to say about today?' I keep a few gems in my head to tell them what we are celebrating. My kids (full grown) get emails of your stuff whenever it is pertinent to them. Thanks so much for giving us something to celebrate every day.

"I shall be celebrating NAKED DAY on Thursday. Hope you enjoy it, too. (I am too old to go to work naked, so I'll be naked under my clothes.)

"Thanks for doing such fun stuff for all of us."
My honoured correspondent is referring to the fact that the daily ezine is having a break. But it will be back, so you can subscribe now and start getting the free daily ezine when it resumes. The Wilson's Almanac free daily ezine is not the same as the free-zine which comes from this blog, which may be subscribed to at


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