Thursday, May 01, 2003

Normanhurst Boy's High School seniors cross country run, c. 1970 (pix)
I just scanned a funny photo I've had for 33 years. I went to a disciplinarian high school of about 1,200 boys, Normanhurst Boys' High School, in suburban Sydney. This was from 1965-70, a period of considerable youth rebellion there as in most Western places. Among many things they tried to make us do, and quite widely resented and ignored, were sport, physical education and occasional cross country runs. This photo exemplifies our attitudes in those days.

In 1970, all the boys stopped short of the teachers who were judging the senior school cross country race (having walked most of the way), sat down and waved at the fuming authorities, many of whom were ex-WWII servicemen and not amused. However, no amount of their screaming through megaphones could stop youth. It was a school that formerly enjoyed a solid academic and sporting record, and this sort of thing really was "not done". But we all had a laugh and I thought I'd share with you some schoolboy 'organized spontaneity'. I'm not in the picture; I'm happy to say that the prank had been my suggestion, and I stood with the photographer next to the judges' tables.

Boys, come here at once! Normanhurst Boys' High School

There are two photos, the small version (46kb) and a big blow-up (268kb) where I can still recognise many of the Normanhurst Boys' High School Graduating Class of 1970.


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