Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Darwin Day

Teaching biology without evolution is like teaching chemistry without the periodic table.
John Schweinsberg of Alabama Citizens for Science Education

200th anniversary of birth of Abe Lincoln and Charles Darwin

1809 Charles Darwin, (d. April 19, 1882), British geologist and naturalist who laid the foundation for both the modern theory of evolution and the principle of common descent with his proposal of natural selection as a mechanism (Origin of Species). Despite his agnosticism, and the animosity directed at him from some religious quarters (even to this day), Darwin was interred in Westminster Abbey.

The Australian people, in great wisdom, named Darwin, one of their capital cities after him.

Did Darwin convert to Christianity?
It is a common myth, often promoted by fundamentalist Christians, that Charles Darwin became a Christian on his death bed. This story can be traced to one Lady Hope. However, Darwin’s son Francis put paid to this supposition:

"Lady Hope's account of my father's views on religion is quite untrue. I have publicly accused her of falsehood, but have not seen any reply. My father's agnostic point of view is given in my 'Life and Letters of Charles Darwin,' Vol. I., pp. 304-317. You are at liberty to publish the above statement. Indeed, I shall be glad if you will do so. Yours faithfully, Francis Darwin. Brookthorpe, Gloucester. May 28, 1918."

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