Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17, Fisher's Ghost

Fisher's Ghost (artist's impression)
Fisher's Ghost
1826 Frederick Fisher becomes Fisher's Ghost.
Frederick Fisher, a landholder in Campbelltown, NSW, Australia, was murdered by George Worrell, an employee, and his body was thrown into a local creek. The police arrested Worrell, who insisted that Fisher was alive and living elsewhere under an assumed name. It is said that a ghost, looking like the murder victim, appeared on the bridge over the creek close to the spot where Fisher's body lay, and pointed directly at that spot when the authorities passed over the bridge. On the eve of his execution, Worrell confessed his terrible deed.

Ever since, that creek has been named Fisher's Ghost Creek, and an annual festival called the Fisher's Ghost Festival is commemorated.

Uncle Horrie's yarn about Fisher's Ghost at the Scriptorium


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