Saturday, June 09, 2012

June 9, 1838, was a very bad day at Myall Creek

Illustration published in The Chronicles of Crime, 1841   Source
Bad day at Myall Creek
On Saturday, June 9, 1838 (some sources say June 10), twelve European stockmen rounded up approximately 28 of about forty Kwiambal people squatting at Henry Dangar's station at Myall Creek (a branch of the Gwydir River, near Bingara, NSW), and killed them with knives and guns. Later they killed another three. The stockmen, who had accused the Aboriginal people of pilfering, were acquitted at a trial on November 15, but faced trial again on November 26 and were found guilty (see court transcript). Seven of the twelve murderers were executed under Governor Sir George Gipps's authority.

Massacre at Myall Creek    The Myall Creek Massacre, 1838
Myall Creek Massacre Memorial    Vandals deface Australia's Myall Creek memorial


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