Thursday, February 02, 2012


When I was recently quite innocently prodded a bit as I sat in church, and I jumped a little, I was immediately reminded of Kassia Klinger. I knew Kassia in the 1990s. Kassia had a manner of coming up behind me when I was using the Macquarie Uni library catalogue, and poke me in the ribs. I believe Kassia, whose mother and father owned the Left-Handed Shop at The Rocks, Sydney, kinda liked me. I found it infuriating to have my kidneys poked, but I was single, and Kassia seemed somewhat interested in me. When I lived at 22 Bardo Road, Newport, in a small bedsit, converted from a garage, Kassia stayed one night, and although nothing was said, I felt that Kassia might have wanted to spend the night with me, but closer. But I was enjoying my solitude. At about this time, I published the Hope Calendar. You can read about it here, a page which will change as I get a working scanner, as I have a few Hope Calendars, any one of which I can scan. The Hope Calendar was for a door, or very large fridgedoor. It had hundreds of images from Wilson's Almanac, merged into a large image of a man jumping for joy. Regi Ziorjen, from Switzerland, and I had worked on it for many tens of hours at my place, a home unit perched on the southern headland of Av (Avalon), on Sydney's Northern Beaches, and at the Stone House at Bilgola Plateau, where Walter Burleigh Griffin's spirit hovered. (I also lived a Narrabeen, the suburb known for many things, including being mentioned in the Beach Boys song, Surfin' USA rival of Narrabeen people. A shop in Narrabeen parodied the Vegemite label, 'Somewhere on the Australian toast', by selling its own stickers about Avalon.
Since New Year's Day, 2012, I've been calling it to myself, The Regi Principle. Maybe someone else will. I encourage that it will get around, to honour Regi and his family, and in the hope that it will increase the presence of people's and organisations' links to me and Wilson's Almanac, just as the Peter Principlepromoted the career and influence of Dr Laurence J Peter and Raymond Hull I was a dreadfully shy boy, but I'm a gregarious man, who paradoxically loves his solitude. I have enough fruit and other food, which is generally vegetarian, radio, my jug of delicious(to me) keffa-with-honey, water(but no alcohol, as I have a policy of never drinking alone), things to fascinate me and work on, that I could easily sit in this chair at my desk for weeks on end if I wanted to, and still be gainfully active. I have plenty of organic home-grown tobacco from my burgeoning permaculture garden, and so on, in my Paradise. I fully endorse the Hindu principle of fasting for a calendar month. I always enjoy fasting. And Ralph Waldo Emerson said he wanted to see house-name signs with the word 'whim' painted above the doorway of every residence in the USA. My wish is that every home in Australia, whether McMansion or any type of shelter, will have such a sign. I'm in the process of painting one over my bedroom door, above the hardwood floor, so I'm having it framed well, in case it falls and breaks. I'm loving living like this. I can do whatever I want, promote the Almy, and not die, all at the same time, from my chair. I can change anything on the Almanac, frequency of being blogged, or emailed, how big, how small, how many words to a page or paragraph, how many images and youtubes, tunes, audio clips, cartoons, symphonies, new ideas ˗ anything I choose. I can ignore anything, or read it to within an inch of its life. Just gotta trust myself. It's pretty cool. It's sure as hellmuch better than the alternative, or being poked in the eye with a burnt stick. And amen to that, Ralph, mate. I believe that when I go, I'm going upstairs to Heaven, seeing the gods and goddesses, beautiful scenery and art, and hearing beautful music and poetry, insects, suns, stars, planets, subatomic particles, birds, animals, all stars and planets in the Universe, and all my my departed loved ones in complete peace,


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