Thursday, December 15, 2011

Was Walt Disney frozen for posterity?

Was Walt Disney frozen for posterity?
Cryonics is the science and practice of freezing recently deceased people, often so that in the future they might be brought back to life by medical science, if possible. When people discuss cryonics, or Disney, they very often mention that the famed animator was frozen. The story goes as far as to say that Walt's body is stored under the Pirates of the Caribbean exhibition at Disneyland.

This, however, is almost certainly a modern myth. Disney's own family denies that he was frozen, and insists that he was cremated on December 17 (official records confirm this) and his ashes left at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles County, California.
So where did the rumour come from? Steve Bridge, President of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based nonprofit company that researches, advocates for and performs cryonics, believes that Disney's death happened to be announced in the media on the same day as a new cryonics company received publicity when it began, and possibly the two news items got conflated. The grand imagineer was fried, not frozen ...


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