Friday, July 23, 2010

Feast of the Three Wise Men (The Magi) These were first-century magi (possibly a priestly caste of ancient Persian Zoroastrianism) who visited the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. Their feast day was formerly Epiphany, January 6 (qv, and see also January 5, when most of the calendar customs associated with the Magi take place. 

It's interesting to note that January 6 commemorates the Rising of the Nile, and the Magi's following of the bright star, both of which are associated with today. See also January 4 for the extraordinary association the Dogon people of Africa have with Sirius.

The Gospel of Matthew, chapter II, where they appear, does not in fact number the Three Wise Men of Christmas carols and crèches, but from the three gifts given, popular culture usually has three Magi appearing at the scene ...

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