Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can geoengineering solve climate change? Can geoengineering solve climate change? - 27/07/2010: "The multilateral approach to climate change attempted at Copenhagen and Kyoto have so far not managed to substantially reduce our carbon emissions and therefore slow climate change.

"According to some scientists the tipping point has already been reached making climate change inevitable and a more radical option needs to considered such as geoengineering.

"Artificially cooling the planet by making the clouds more reflective or increasing plankton in the oceans are all scientifically viable, but are we ready to take responsibility for the earth's climate.

"Jeff Goodell looks at geoengineering as a possible solution in his book, 'How to Cool the Planet: geoengineering and the audacious quest to fix Earth's climate', which is published by Scribe.

"In this report: Jeff Goodell author of 'How to Cool the Planet' ..."

News of climate change continually udating at

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