Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wavy Gravy: happy 74th birthday!

May 15, 1936 Wavy Gravy: Paul Krassner called him "The illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Teresa". Wavy Gravy, or Hugh Romney as he was born (he got his nickname from BB King), is a clown, philanthropist and cult hero of the Californian counterculture circa 1960s.

He is the founder of the famed hippie commune the Hog Farm, but he is best known worldwide as the Master of Ceremonies at Woodstock (1969) and the second Woodstock in 1994.

Today according to Australian Eastern Standard Time when this item was posted

Wavy is a life-long activist for peace and personal empowerment, and the official clown of the Grateful Dead. Born in New York, in 1962 he moved to California at the request of Lenny Bruce, who became his part-time manager ...

Wilson's Almanac Book of Days hip list :: CounterCulture Wiki

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