Thursday, May 20, 2010

How the Christian church made the Holy Bible

From in the Wilson's Almanac Book of Days: May 20, 325 CE: The early Christian church opened the First Council of Nicaea which decided which books would form the Gospels and the New Testament.

Held during the reign of Emperor Constantine in 325, who opened the conference, this was the first ecumenical (from Greek oikumene, 'worldwide') conference of bishops of the Christian church.

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Among the books excluded was the Gospel of Thomas (St Thomas, Apostle, see July 3 and December 21 in the Book of Days). Although predating the other four gospels, Thomas's Gospel made no mention of any miracles, as though they had never happened. The Council of Nicaea also voted to add the Torah and certain other books of the Old Testament to the newly named Bible, to bolster its authority ...

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