Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bellingen Writers Festival general meeting May 29

Apart from Bello Bards, there are other local people who are interested in the written word.

Brian Purcell informs me that on Saturday May 29 at 4pm, in the meeting room at Diggers Tavern (30 Hyde St, Bellingen) there will be a general meeting for people to contribute ideas and/or become involved in establishing a Bellingen Writers Festival. Brian may be contacted at bgpurcell [AT]

Brian writes: ... we’ve agreed on a date for the main festival: April 9/10 2011, centred around the Bellingen Memorial Hall. The inaugural February meeting also requested that we engage with local youth, so we applied for and received a grant to develop a website and hold a workshop followed by a performance for youth – this will be in November ..."

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