Monday, May 24, 2010

Bob Dylan turns 69

Birthday boy Bob Dylan is known more for his genius with words and tunes, and for deadpan (once, asked by a journalist how many children he had, he said "Some") than as a comedian.

However, he also has a fondness for silly wisecracks and is known among fans as a real joker at gigs. Sometimes he’s corny, but his cornball jokes are loved by the audience. Here are a few of his quips, and if you have any more, I'm collecting them.

At one gig, Dylan apologized, saying that "I almost didn't make it tonight ... had a flat tire. There was a fork in the road."

At Western Connecticut State University in 1997, when he introduced Bucky Baxter he said, "When I first met Bucky, he didn't have a penny to his name. I told him to get another name."

"My ex-wife left me again. She's a tennis player. Love means nothing to her."

"This is a love song. We love to play it."

"David Kemper on the drums. David's turning 21 tonight. David never lies unless he's in bed."

"David [Kemper] and I drove here tonight in a car singing songs on the way. We were singing cartoons."

"David swallowed a roll of film today. We’ll see what develops."

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At top: Dylan cover of Oz magazine (more such covers), by Martin Sharp

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