Sunday, April 18, 2010

'We've Got to Get Back to the Mother', by Drew Dellinger

I once was blind, but now I see
I understand that the planet is the source of me
Literally, just like a mom gives birth to a babe
Mother Earth's given birth to everything that's been made
Word to the Mother
Source of every other
Thing, every being, in the ring of creation
And every individual's a manifestation
Of the grace innate in this place, space and time
Expressing the blessing, caressing my mind
Holy Osmosis!
That's what the cosmos is
From the beginning
The spinning Universe possessed
A spiritual interior
Inside the manifest
Blessed with a blast from the past
Free at last
As the Big Bang
Rang, sprang, sang from the start, from the void
Like a joy from the heart of the dark
And the light's
The birthright of us all
You and
I are all
The fire ball
The higher call
Inspires all with a sense of place
Let us find the divine mind
Behind every face
I've just begun to recognise the whole
soul force
Word to the Mother
Word to the Source

We've gotta get back to the Mother
We've got to get back to the Earth
We've gotta get back to the Mother
We've got to get back to the Earth

Word to the Mother
So how dare we
Have the nerve to disturb
The planetary Source
The very force that brought us alive
If She ain't in effect
There ain't no way to survive
How can we see no wisdom
From the ecosystem
This industrialized phase craze to pave highways
50,000 toxic sites
Nuclear power plants
Constructed with haste
Without any clue
What to do with the waste
Radiation. Seeping deep in the nation
Losing patience
With corporations
And abusers
Grinnin' like their winnin' when we'll all be the losers
Ignore natural forces
Deplete our resources
No remorse, we're off course, hold your horses.
Mother may I
Try to say why
My society lost sight of the whole
As we try and we try till we die to control
The Earth dream that can never be tamed
That can never be sold and that can never be named
What's a shame and is lame is that we thought it was clever
To dam every river ever
Never-never land is at hand unless we see and rediscover
There ain't no other
It's absurd to have to say it:
But Word to the Mother

We've gotta get back to the Mother
We've got to get back to the Earth
We've gotta get back to the Mother
We've got to get back to the Earth

The story of the Mother as I reminisce
is enough to make this brother ecofeminist
How can we limit this limitless exponential
Growth potential. Economy is secondary
Earth's essential.
The Mother exists in every wave on the sea
Every bird in the sky and every leaf on the tree.
Community, unity, you and me, family
All of us children born from 4 billion years
Of the blood sweat and tears
of the Earth
We need to
let her be
Let her grow
Set her free, let her fly, let her flow, let her go
And unfold
The way the mother intended
Activities that damage the Earth must be suspended.
Listen cause we're missin' what the Mother's advice is
She'll help us deal with ecological crisis
She's mightier
Than Aphrodite or Isis
And twice as creative, illustrative of the point
When the Earth gives birth to the Now
Still We try to milk every sacred cow
We need to chill untill we see
That no creature is my enemy
They're all kin to me
Earth is the remedy
For the malady ...


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