Sunday, April 18, 2010

Introducing the spiral didgeridoo

"Didgeridoos are such an amazing wind instrument able to produce such deep tones with rich timbre and unusual rhythm effects that thousands of people worldwide have mastered the circular breathing and become proficient in playing them. Nimbin's Sam Bernard was one such enthusiast. While he enjoyed playing traditional didges, he was frustrated by how heavy they are, and how difficult to transport. 'Have you ever tried getting on a plane with one?' he said. 'It goes in the hold, you can't take it on as cabin baggage.' So Sam started designing instruments that had the same tube length, but with the tube curled up, and the Spiralidoo was born. Sam has sourced a factory of timber craftsmen in Indonesia, skilled in the technology of carving half spirals from hardwood, which they then glue together. The finished products weigh less than 1.4 kg and fit neatly into a handy carry bag. They can be supplied oiled, or painted and varnished, or supplied with paints to add your own design. Different length spirals produce tones of different pitches, from C to G. They are increaaingly turning up on stage in the hands of serious didge musicians. Sam has a range of Spiralidoos available. Check the website"
Source: Nimbin Good Times, April 2010 edition

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