Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who killed Don Mackay? Lone assassin theory shot down

Eyewitness evidence contradicts the portrayal of the Donald Mackay murder in the TV series Underbelly 2, Brisbane author Dr John Jiggens said.

"Victorian police framed James Bazley for the murder, and Melbourne crime writers have continued the cover-up," Dr Jiggens said. "While the Victorian police claimed the murder was the work of a lone assassin, key witnesses dispute their account."

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Dr Jiggens, author of The Killer cop and the murder of Donald Mackay, conducted interviews with witnesses who dispute the lone assassin theory in a video called 'Who Killed Don Mackay?'

Foremost of these witnesses is Ian Salmon, Mackay's friend and solicitor, who discovered the murder scene. His account of the murder scene contradicts the program's version.

"Clearly there were two assassins," Dr Jiggens said.

Dr Jiggens nominates Fred Krahe, the killer cop, as the chief assassin. Krahe arrived in Griffith on the day of the murder. He was working for Frank Nugan of the Nugan Hand Bank to suppress a scandal concerning secret accounts at the Nugan packing shed, covertly used to pay for marijuana production. It was as a result of this scandal that Don Mackay was murdered.

The video 'Who Killed Don Mackay? (Part One)' can be seen at

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