Friday, March 19, 2010

Allah Is a Zionist - but who is a permaculturist?

Allah Is a Zionist - by Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi Interesting and persuasive article by the Muslim scholar, but I have to say the following and hope it doesn't sting anyone. To a politically aware (and active) Australian atheist goy, and I think it reasonable to call myself such, the Solomon's Temple debate - in fact the whole gargantuan and ancient discourse that encompasses it - are only more important than, say, an hypothetical bulldozing of a bora ring, would be to practically any politically active Israeli, Zionist, Palestinian, Jew or Muslim, because of one thing, and that's the current military ramifications of such inexcusable human obduracy.

Both situations, even my hypothetical one, recall antique beliefs, wars, joys, superstitions, intransigence, goodness, wickedness, love, hate, community, genocide, vandalism and so much more I won't bore you all day.

Jews, Muslims, Zionists and Christian Zionists: please get over it. The debate and enmity are so ridiculously lost in time, that, were it not for all the bombs, it would be totally risible. Most of the world really, really doesn't give a damn about rocks and ancient history.

A modest proposal: start - start today - permaculturing the whole Middle East and stand fast against the worst aspects of globalization, and you'll have a new Garden of Eden in a few generations, with plenty for all and some left over. Then, with luck and hard work building instead of arguing, your grandkids will wonder what the sand, rocks and ancient rivalries were that their stupid, gullible, irascible ancestors used to fight over. Even 1967 is ancient history to me, let alone my grandkids, and let alone 2,000 BCE. Excuse me for being blunt, but I do think most of the world is utterly sick of of religions and ideologies dividing people instead of uniting them, and scaring ths shite out of the rest of us, and many people see a possibility of a wonderful future for the world. I'm one of them. Now, guys, please grow up, shake hands, act like the brothers and sisters you are, and learn how to make the land sustainably abundant for your grandkids and their grandkids. It will take more than kibbutzim; more than foreign aid. Permaculture is the best proposition for sharing land and living abundantly.

Thanks Lynn, for sharing the link.

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