Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We MUST build suicide prevention refuges NOW

SUICIDE IS ALWAYS A QUOTIENT OF DESPAIR AND LACK OF HUMAN HELP AND IMAGINATION. This evening I started counting friends of mine who have died by their own hand. I stopped counting at 20. This society NEEDS suicide prevention houses IN EVERY SUBURB, where desperate people can go, and laze in bed for a few days, and have some rest and maybe some counselling, and advice about solving problems.

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No one need commit suicide! Suicide is ALWAYS the result of when one person's problems are outweighed by the resources available with which to solve them. Nothing more, nothing less. The solutions are almost always straightforward and usually simple. The suicides, however, are abject tragedies. It is well beyond time that governments started funding, with billions of dollars, suicide prevention houses in every town and suburb. Every town and suburb should have a house with a sign that says something like 'SUICIDE PREVENTION HOME - ALL WELCOME -- REST HERE -- FREE OF CHARGE'. Please get active on this simple idea.

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