Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hay sang Kookaburra in live Down Under

"EIGHTIES rock legend and Men At Work lead singer Colin Hay yesterday admitted singing the words to the children's folk song 'Kookaburra' during live performances of the band's anthem 'Down Under'.

But in another toe-tapping day in the Federal Court, Hay couldn't recall more than the first line of 'Kookaburra' when asked to give a rendition.

The star took his guitar into the witness stand to give evidence at a hearing to decide whether he - along with fellow songwriter Ron Strykert and record company EMI - owes unpaid royalties to Larrikin Music, the owner of the copyright to 'Kookaburra' ..."

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Blogger Marshall-Stacks said...

Larrikin owners Festival are unaware that their 1932 lyricist imposed her lyric on a traditional old Welsh tune, so the tune can be used by anybody. I'd hate to see Hay go down for this. Hate Festival - they had the option to release James Taylor's Fire & Rain in 1970 and did not, saying at the time that "nobody has ever heard of him", yet they sued anybody who imported US pressings. asshats then and asshats STILL.

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