Thursday, September 24, 2009

Global Carnival

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Response in verse to an unkind, 1,000-word diatribe against me published after my brief criticism of two aspects of Bellingen's Global Carnival.

'A letter to The Courier-Sun'

Many's the time we must tell our truth,
Though many a time come undone,
But tell it we must, though unkindly discussed
And publicly cussed
In a letter to The Courier-Sun.

Latin has an expression for the kind of aggression
That plays only the man, not the ball.
It’s 'ad hominem' –
So, "play the ball, not the man",
Though this is clearly not apparent to all.

If you argue an 'X' but an opponent says 'Y',
That’s good – that’s how debate's lost or won.
But, if you say 'X' and they say you have faults,
That's not debate – it's assault,
And not worthy of The Courier-Sun.

If you've a view well considered,
I'd advise you not dither,
Though with Reason there's scarcely a one
Who will argue precisely
Your points, put concisely,
But "play the man" in The Courier-Sun.

In matters that are local
Like roads, rates, or the Global,
There are opinions we have, every one.
Whether local, or national,
Let's debate the points and be rational,
And "play the ball" in The Courier-Sun.

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