Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maybe Marti's last Bellingen Poetry Night

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Marti Guy's hosting her 25th or 26th poetry night on Friday May 29, at 6pm, at Guru cafe (formerly known as Feisty Pilot), next door to the former BellaBooKafe -- Church Street, Bellingen.

Marti's sold the book cafe business. This may well be the last poetry night Marti hosts, so let's hope there's a good roll-up. More than anyone in this town, I think, Marti's helped create a thriving poetry scene in Bellingen. The nights are always fun and convivial, sometimes slightly inebriated; always intelligent and invigorating. I hope that local people will roll up on Friday, May 29, 6pm at the Guru, if you can make it for this important Poetry Night.

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