Tuesday, May 19, 2009

World's largest monolith

What's the biggest rock in the world? Many people say it is Uluru (once known as Ayer's Rock), that central Australian glory that graces the homepage of Wilson's Almanac. But Mount Augustus (pictured), which is 852 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia, is probably the winning claimant. However, there is disputation:
"Mount Augustus stands 1105 m above sea level, or approximately 860 m above the surrounding plain, and covers an area of 47.95 km². It has a central ridge which is almost 8 km long. Mount Augustus is widely claimed to be the 'world's largest monolith', but the claim does not originate from the geological literature, nor appears to be substantiated by any other scholarly research. The claim appears to have arisen out of long standing rivalry with Uluru, another unsubstantiated claimant for the title."
OK, I dunno. I haven't a clue. You tell me. Why can't the scholars decide? Why is Uluru known worldwide, but Mt Augustus is not? What IS the biggest pebble on the planet?

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