Friday, April 03, 2009

Getting back online after big flood

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Dear Almaniacs from every continent on this beautiful planet,

My town of Bellingen,_New_South_Wales is
in flood for the third time since September.

[Update: according to authorities, the March 31, 2009 flood was a 100-year flood. I have photos and some footage at]

Please see

My friend, Baz le Tuff, has kindly lent me a little laptop and taken Esmeralda
the Computer back to his place to see if he can fix her because of
lightning/water damage.

I'm slightly at a disadvantage, because my spectacles are also broken and can't
be repaired until I can get to the larger town nearby -- on Monday, I hope. I'm
doing the best one can under the circumstances -- the biggest flood since 1974,
and Wilson half blind. The rain is again tumbling down. It's possible 'Bello'
might continue to be flooded; however, although I live near the river, I live
just above the floodline, and I have plenty of provisions, so all is well for
me. Some people have emailed and phoned, showing concern. Thank you very much, but all is OK. However, there's been lots of damage for my neighbours.

Google News will keep you updated on the Bellingen situation, if you are
interested or concerned, as will

If I can do nothing else, I'll try to use this site, as my information centre, so please check here if you want news of me and Wilson's Almanac ( ).

It's not too easy for me to type, because of busted glasses, and the laptop
isn't quite as easy to use as Esmeralda. Please bear with me. All will be right in a few days,
but it will definitely be a few days. Bye for now, and take care. I'll talk to
you soon after Bellingen is dry again and I can see properly.

Thanks to my brother John for kindly posting news on this site while I've been out of action.

Meanwhile, enjoy this old poem about my country of droughts and flooding rains:

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