Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kevin Rudd and John Howard - spot the difference

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Baz le Tuff says that Australia's Prime Minister. Kevin Rudd, is just former PM John Howard in different glasses. It's pretty true.

Here's a message from GetUp ... our help is needed to do something about the 'progressive' PM's ridiculous stance on climate change:

"We need to act fast. Hidden in the fine print of Prime Minister Rudd's woefully inadequate 5% climate target announcement on Monday was over $130 million for an 'information campaign' to sell us his sparse climate package. Doesn't it remind you of the kind of climate policy John Howard would have announced?

"So we're planning to make waves this Summer by landing the first blow during the Boxing Day cricket Test.

"The Boxing Day Test is the biggest TV event of the season, and our team has been working day and night to get our own climate ad ready for it. Watch it now and help us raise the urgent resources we need to get our ad on the air as families around the nation tune in:

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