Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FLOW: The film Nestlé doesn’t want you to see

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FLOW highlights impending global water crisis

"Washington, DC--Across the country and around the globe, communities are now locked into fierce battles over their most essential resource: water. As bottling, privatization, underfunding, and pollution threaten their water supplies, people from Felton to Fryeburg and from South Africa to Bolivia are facing the same problems. Corporations like Nestlé are buying up control of water resources, turning shared resources that are indispensable for everyone into private property to be exploited for profit. A global water crisis looms, and it is no accident. Irena Salina’s new film, FLOW provides a clear look at the issues we face relating to water.

"In the United States, many communities, including San Diego, California; Akron, Ohio; and others are facing the prospect of their water systems being privatized ..."

'Flow: For Love of Water' at Wikipedia

Watch a trailer of 'FLOW'

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