Monday, October 27, 2008

'Did Kevin Bacon put the faeces in the ice-cream?'

Moron Monday
Sydney, Australia: "The family that says the Coogee Bay Hotel served them gelato containing human faeces will today demand to see the hotel's CCTV footage in a bid to identify the culprit, the family's lawyer says.

"The lawyer, Steven Lewis from Slater & Gordon, also rubbished newspaper reports the family had links to a rival pub as a 'Kevin Bacon ... six degrees of separation [defence]' - a reference to the pop-culture belief that any actor in history can be linked via their film roles to US actor Kevin Bacon.

"'My question is: "Did Kevin Bacon put the faeces in the ice-cream?"' Mr Lewis said.

"Stephen and Jessica Whyte, who were at the hotel to watch the NRL grand final, say they knew instantly that a complimentary bowl of ice-cream served to them after they had repeatedly complained to management was more than just gelato.

"Mrs Whyte says she became violently ill on taking a spoonful to her lips. The family sent a sample to the National Measurements Institute, which found it had 'properties similar to human excreta' ...

More on Monday.

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