Tuesday, July 22, 2008

'Big Issue' mag for homeless to be sold in India

"A magazine for the homeless, called Big Issue, will soon launch in Mumbai and Kolkata, India, providing information on homelessness, local news and fun, the Guardian reports. A UK team will oversee the launch, which Big Issue co-founder John Bird says should take place by Christmas.

"The India launch is the magazine’s biggest challenge since it launched in the UK in 1991. It has since expanded to Scotland, Wales, north England and the south-west. Today the Big Issue also exists in Australia, Japan, South Africa, Namibia and Kenya.

"In the UK, vendors buy the magazine for 70 pence (US$1.40) and sell it for £1.50 (US$3.00), making an 80 pence (US$1.60) profit. The selling scheme will be similar in India, where 170 million people are currently homeless."

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