Tuesday, April 15, 2008

World’s richest man ‘interested’ in Bellingen internet business

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"Warren Buffet recently exceeded Bill Gates as the world’s richest man. His net worth is now estimated to be in excess of US$62 billion dollars. Warren has his fingers in many money-making pies. One of those pies is an Australian Internet Company who cannot be name in this article. Recently the company has expressed an interest in acquiring a local Bellingen based business, 1st Place Design. 1st Place Design provides search engine marketing services that will help web sites to gain better exposure on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and NineMSN. The very innovative company was formed eight years ago and is now recognised by leaders in the Australian IT industry, for providing an unbeatable search engine marketing service for the small to medium sized business market. 'This is the third company that has expressed an interest in acquiring 1st Place Design. It’s very exciting and feels good to know that all the money and time we have invested may pay off,' says Paul Forest, Managing Director of 1st Place Design. The company has a very strong ethic and is committed to providing top search engine positioning at a low cost."
Bellinger Courier-Sun

1st Place Design

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