Monday, April 14, 2008

Same as the old boss

Moron Monday
Julia Gillard, the newish Labor Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, wants to extend the power of bosses to snoop into the lives of workers.

Why the sudden rush to making the owerful more powerful over our lives? Australia, like the USA, has not had a terrorist attack for years, despite (not because of) governmental hype. Gillard's got a lot of popularity capital, some of which she can afford to squander, but is in danger of soon being seen as quite as loony as her conservative predecessors.

Ms Gillard might well bear in mind that Australians are less credulous about terrorism today than they were even a year ago. Has she herself not woken up yet, or is she as dangerous as the previous Minister for Social Control?

Gillard: All Workers are Possible Terrorists

More on Monday.



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