Monday, March 31, 2008

The Great Australian Tap Hoax

Moron Monday
Pictured is your average Australian kitchen and bathroom tap. There are many other designs, of course, but the vast majority of taps are like this, and have been for decades. There must be millions of the rotten bastards.

The Great Australian Tap is 'designed' with a thin, multi-sided nut in the centre (in this picture the arrow points to it). The nut is too thin to tighten with a spanner, except with great persistence. Another feature of the nut is that the so-called designers who foisted this stupid utensil on an unsuspecting, unrebellious public, made the nut so that it will sooner or later (usually sooner) work itself loose, releasing spring-loaded parts from the seat of the faucet. Several parts then fall into the sink or bath with a great tumult, and much swearing from onlookers.

This is simply moronic design. What more can one say?

More on Monday.

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