Monday, March 24, 2008

How the world went crazy for allotments

Discover the Permaculture solutionsAll around the world, people are gardening in allotments and bringing home fresh food with almost no financial expense.

For example, in Australia:

"Some are one large expanse, worked on by all the gardeners together. Others take the British model – individual plots for each set of green fingers to tend. The garden at the Addison Road Centre in Marrickville is a hybrid. On a site with an array of community buildings, it has existed since 2000. Volunteers grow bananas, sweet potatoes, coffee, herbs and vegetables such as aubergines, chillies, lettuces and beans. There are also almond, lemon, peach and cherry trees. The garden is run on the principles of permaculture and organics. 'Everything is recycled,' says Natalie McCarthy, a volunteer. 'All the weeds we put in compost bins. Vegetable scraps go into worm farms. We get mulch from a local stables.'"

(Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there are no such allotments in my town. I am one who would be grateful to have access to an allotted space, due to the amount of shade where I live.)

This article looks at allotments in many countries.

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