Sunday, February 03, 2008


Highly recommended
The spin doctoring and manoeuvrings of politicians and their PR minders are explored in the movie, Spin, by Brian Springer.

Thanks to Almaniac Glenn J. for sending me this 57-minute vid (below). It brings back gruesome memories to me, of the six years I reluctantly spent working as a public relations manager, when I showed my 'subjects' how to answer questions by not answering questions but by giving the sound bite that they wanted to be heard on TV or radio. For my sins, this is what I did for a living.

I served my sentence in the early 1990s, and this movie is set in that same period: the days of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Larry King, George Bush I, the police attack on Rodney King, the first Iraq war, Pat Robertson and his execrable and powerful Christian Broadcasting Network, and the rest. Springer has plenty of footage you've never seen on TV, and probably never will, as he's gleaned it from off-air satellite feeds. Some of the clips will curl your hair.

The only difference with today's spin, is that the spin doctors are much, much better than then. And, yes, I'm talking about Hillary, Barack, McCain and all of that mob in the news. It ain't news, folks. It's mostly created by the enormous PR industry.

By the way, read PR Watch, and if you have a feed reader, sub to its RSS.

Here is Spin. Feedblitz readers will need to click on their link.

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