Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hillary and Celine

As if Hillary Clinton wasn't already enough to creep out any sentient being, she's been using a Celine Dion song as a campaign theme. Not being an American, I'm unable to vote against Hillary on account of this, nor discharge my Magnum in her general direction. (Of course, not being an American, I don't actually have a lethal weapon.)

By the way: Memo to anyone who still believes in karma: Celine Dion pulls in about $45 million a year, which would pay the salaries of at least 1,000 schoolteachers. Please revise your guff about there being "natural justice" in the world. Please.

If you would like to take to Celine Dion with a knife (and who wouldn't?), you can save this picture for your Halloween pumpkin.


Blogger Nora said...

What exactly have you got against Celine Dion? Is it that you don't like the sound of her? The kind of songs she sings? She comes from a very poor background in Canada, and has made her money from the voice she was born with. I don't enjoy watching her but I do enjoy listening to her.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Pip said...

She just gives me the creeps. Anything I've heard from her sounded inauthentic and ... creepy. Plastic pop.

5:14 AM  
Blogger Nora said...

Andrea Bocelli doesn't record with just anyone. Please watch this.

7:26 AM  
Blogger Pip said...

Ugh! Not my cup of tea.

9:31 AM  

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