Monday, February 25, 2008

Insurgency is for fucki*g morons

Moron Monday
Insurgency is a computer game, the aim of which is to 'kill' other people, just like soldiers do 'for a living'. However, it has on its homepage the word 'bullsh*t'. Yes, with an asterisk.

Here's the deal, Almaniacs of the world. You can spend (and make) zillions of dollars making software that encourages people to murder and maim their human brothers and sisters on this planet. But you can't say 'bullshit'. You must not say 'bullshit'. You may not refer to the natural excrement of the bovine species, although it makes excellent garden fertilizer and thus does some natural good in this benighted orb.

Well, BULLSHIT to you, little boys. Bull. Shit. Here are some more rude words for your unshockable weeny brains:

You fucking evil piss arsehole dickhead cocksucking fuckwit smegma-munching fatherfucking deadshit cunts should be annihilated with your own logic, if not by your micro-prick toy weapons.

I would rather eat a steaming pile of male bovine excrement than dine at the Hilton with one of you kill-game designers and your clean-mouthed venture capitalists. I ask all sentient beings: which is more disgusting, terrifying and shocking -- manure and compost, or today's war culture and the unreconstructed little boys who plan it, promote it, crave it and profit by it, and the soldiers who pay their mortgages with it?

Put these words side by side: SHIT. KILL. Which is worse? Which is worse?

I shit every day. There, I said it. Do you shit every day? (Does your cow?) But do you kill or plan to splatter the intestines out of someone you've never met? Do you blow off their arms and legs with the latest military hardware? Are you still living in ancient times when men were all mad? It's time our civilization grew up about WORDS and ACTIONS. Fuck. Shit. Not kill. Not maim.

To h*ll with this *ucking bullsh*t. Gr*w up.

Killing is on TV every night, whether it's the news or the so-called entertainment that most people watch. But just say one sh*t, f*ck or d*mn and the Puritan soldiers will come for you. Well, I can only hope tonight they get a f*ck and not a bul*et between their l*gs.

I wish to the core of my spirit that you war-game software manufacturers -- and there are thousands of you out there -- could read. I would love you to comment on my blog so that I might refute you. Please: write, or get someone to help you do so.

More on Monday.

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