Thursday, January 31, 2008

Police America Act

"The so-called 'Protect America Act of 2007,' which we are calling the 'Police America Act,' allows for massive, untargeted collection of international communications without court order or meaningful oversight by either Congress or the courts. It contains virtually no protections for the U.S. end of the phone call or email, leaving decisions about the collection, mining and use of Americans' private communications up to this administration."
ACLU factsheet

"The Protect America Act is a dangerous nationalistic law that tips the United States toward tyranny by providing legal protections for a massive program of electronic surveillance called Total Information Awareness."
Protect America - Act!

"With a partisan stalemate in the Senate holding up any revision to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the House today adopted a 15-day extension of the Protect America Act, legislation last August that expanded the surveillance powers of the Bush administration.

"Senate Democrats are unable to agree among themselves and with their GOP counterparts on proposed FISA amendments, specificially a Intelligence Committee proposal to grant retroactive legal immunity to telecommunications companies that have participated in President Bush's warrantess surveillance program."

"Right now members of Congress are trying to pass a law that would grant immunity to large telcos like AT&T that have been spying on their customers' private phone conversations and passing along what they've learned to the National Security Agency. The law, called the Protect America Act, would allow telephone and Internet providers to hand over all private data on their networks to the government -- without notifying their customers and without any court supervision of what amounts to mass wiretapping."
A Polite Message from the Surveillance State

Security Experts Say Protect America Act Leaves US Citizens' Privacy Unprotected

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