Monday, February 11, 2008

Funny, but a lot of shit?

I've been pondering this morning whether Australian taxpayers' funds really need to go towards creating and maintaining The National Public Toilet Map website.

Initially I dismissed the idea as a lot of crap, but then I read that "The Map provides toilet information for the estimated 3.8 million Australians who are affected by incontinence", so I'll keep my trap shut. Maybe it's worthwhile, and I suppose this is a big continent in which to be incontinent.



Blogger Snoskred said...

That is a fair chunk of money to spend on a map of public toilets however when you're driving across the country knowing where the next toilet stop can be us pretty useful.

Of course it doesn't say on the map whether there will be any native creatures joining you in your toilet break, like perhaps venomous snakes or other scary wildlife. :)

I will put this down as a topic for our Aussie Bloggers blog, as there are many people unaware of this handy but expensive resource. ;)

Recently a few of us Aussie Bloggers got together and opened the Aussie Bloggers forum so I thought I'd shoot you a quick comment to invite you along. It is a place for Aussie Bloggers to connect with each other, promote their blogs among fellow Aussies, learn more about blogging in general, and get help with blog troubleshooting when necessary from helpful Aussies. The forums can be found here - Aussie Bloggers Forum

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Now if only they would build a map (with links) of Aussie Bloggers! Well we're trying to put together a blogroll, and that is free, we're not charging anyone.. :)


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