Saturday, January 26, 2008

Flag wavers unAustralian

I was in Sawtell today, Australia Day, where I was disturbed to see a new phenomenon that this country could do without. Flag waving. The damned things were everywhere -- on cars, on houses, up poles. These Aussie flag wavers are apparently labouring under the mistaken idea that they are in the USA. I bet they speak with Americanisms as well. Hi, Mac, which way to the train station? Here, have some of my fries.

Australia has survived more than two centuries without flag waving -- in fact, opposition to flag waving and jingoism in general have always been proud hallmarks of Oz -- so let's hope this chauvinistic new copycat trend doesn't catch on. One can hardly show one's pride in one's nation by aping the culture or affectations of another. If anything, that's unAustralian.


Anonymous hippychickyexpat said...

This was my first Australia Day (I moved here from the U.S.)-- I was really surprised to see all the flags waving here too.
Wanted to say-- most people in the U.S. aren't big flag waving George Bush lovers-- we think those flage waving cuckoos are the Bible bumping war loving freaks of the U.S.

1:27 PM  

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