Monday, October 22, 2007

Ethanol: The great big green fraud

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"A raft of new studies reveal European and American multibillion dollar support for biofuels is unsustainable, environmentally destructive and much more about subsidising agri-business corporations than combating global warming.

"Not only do most forms of biofuel production do little to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, growing biofuel crops uses up precious water resources, increasing the size and extent of dead zones in the oceans, boosting use of toxic pesticides and deforestation in tropical countries, such studies say.

"And biofuel, powered by billions of dollars in government subsidies, will drive food prices 20-40 percent higher between now and 2020, predicts the Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute.

"'Fuel made from food is a dumb idea to put it succinctly,' says Ronald Steenblik, research director at the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) in Geneva, Switzerland ..."
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Biofuels - At What Cost?

Google ethanol fraud and ethanol scam for more alternative views.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A January 2003 Pentagon White Paper recommended the creation of a "Rapid Reaction Media Team" for Iraq.

(i know has zilch to do with ethanol but what the hey)

pre election fever is my only excuse

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi again,
i didnt know where to enter this.(lazy to find an @)

Cluster B Personality Disorders: 1776.0 Americanistic Personality Disorder
By Jason Miller of Thomas Paine's Corner

The essential features of Americanistic Personality Disorder include pervasive patterns of extreme self-absorption, profound and long-term lapses in empathy, a deep disregard for the well-being of others, a powerful aversion to intellectual honesty and reality, and a grossly exaggerated sense of the importance of one's self and one's nation. These patterns emerge in infancy, manifest themselves in nearly all contexts, and often become pathological.

read with grain of salt :)

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