Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bush disliked by majority of Australians

He sure ain't popular here. New survey: 2/3 of Australians view the USA favourably, but 2/3 of them dislike Bush:

Report :: Another report

The survey also reports that 76 per cent of Australians surveyed believe global warming is now equal to or more serious a threat than Islamic fundamentalism.

"Meanwhile, a survey commissioned by the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney shows half of Australians oppose the troop deployment to Afghanistan, while 64 per cent of people now oppose Australia's military contribution to the occupation of Iraq."
The Age

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Blogger Laura said...

I am an American who just moved to Sydney, and I have to believe at least 2/3 of Americans also dislike Bush-- to put it mildly. And of course also oppose America's occupation of Iraq.

12:16 PM  

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