Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Scare tactics against APEC demonstrators

"ANTI-APEC demonstrators this evening staged an early protest against US President W. George Bush with 200 people at a rally near Central Station.

"This rally came just hours before Mr Bush was to fly in to Sydney ahead of the weekend meeting of 21 world leaders.

"Amid chants of 'go home Bush', Stop Bush Coalition spokesman Alex Bainbridge said a strong police presence and other deterrents would not dissuade protesters.

"Some protesters carried banners as about 60 police, some of them members of the riot squad, watched their movements.

"'This is a scare tactic by the police and the government,' Mr Bainbridge said.

"'I think there is a lot more people who are prepared to say that they can't let this intimidation go ahead and will come along and support us anyway.'

"Speakers at today's rally included a member of the Iraq Veterans Against The War group."


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