Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sanitized Australiana brought to you by the Federal Government

As mentioned in a previous post, my Louisa and Henry Lawson Chronology (the world's largest website on the lives and times of Australia's most famous writer and his suffragette mother) was banned by the conservative Australian Government for listing on its 'Australian Culture and Recreation Portal'. Apparently for political reasons.

I note today that the Henry Lawson page has a mention of Henry Lawson's mother, Louisa Lawson, but incorrectly calls her 'Louise'.

I venture to propose that if the Pod People -- sorry, that should read 'Portal People' -- were to avail themselves of the Louisa and Henry Lawson Chronology they would be able to name correctly the woman who was called by fellow suffragettes 'The Mother of Womanhood Suffrage', in the country where the rights for women to vote and stand for election were first enshrined in law.

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