Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The truth behind the blacklisting of my chronology?

The Wilson's Almanac Louisa and Henry Lawson Chronology contains approximately 100,000 words and many hundreds of hyperlinks for further information.

It is to my knowledge by far the biggest chronology on the Net covering Australian literature and history of the period – or perhaps any period – with an international context to aid research

Since 2005 the Chronology has repeatedly been rejected for inclusion at the Australian Government's Culture and Recreation Portal, the 'Directory of Australian cultural organisations and resources'.

Some of the reasons offered have been bizarre to say the least, such as:

"The extraneous material which is not Australian content and links which are not directly related to Henry and Louisa Lawson make it difficult for us to categorise this as either Australian History or Literature."
I wonder.

You might find it instructive to compare at random my free, high-Google ranking chronology with some of the sites that have been included on various subjects.Many of the sites the Portal links are miniscule, trivial and (unlike the Chronology) very commercial and with lots of advertisements.For example, type into the Portal's search box any subject, eg foreign-owned brands like Westinghouse, Microsoft, Kodak, Ford Motor Company, etc.

The real reason?
I wrote to my local conservative Federal Member of Parliament, Mr Luke Hartsuyker, who very kindly represented me before the (conservative) Minister for the Arts and Sport, Senator Rod Kemp. In Senator Kemp's reply is mentioned a few reasons why the site has been blacklisted. One of the reasons perhaps gets to the honest heart of the matter, and might explain why the Portal editor has given me such run-around answers rather than state straight out what Sen. Kemp, no doubt on the advice of the Portal management, says in his letter to Mr Hartsuyker:

" … I understand the site [Wilson's Almanac] includes commentary about the ‘War on Terror’ and international UN Security Council issues," writes Senator Kemp.
Of course, many of the websites listed by the Portal -- the ABC, The Sydney Morning Herald and the Adelaide Advertiser to name but a few -- contain vastly more such commentary than the Almanac does.

The Portal is undergoing a review of its policy and criteria (I wonder if my protests have precipitated this), the results of which will not be out till July at the earliest. Therefore, I am not pressing my case with my local Member at present. Stand by for further reports as I receive information.


Blogger nora said...

Just as well that subversive Jesus Christ isn't around in Oz these days.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must have known that, you know tptb hate the truth. Why not set up a completly different site for just the Lawsons. I had a school teacher friend have a look and she loved it but told me the education dept would not allow students access.

7:11 PM  

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