Sunday, September 02, 2007

Denied tenure, professor plans protests

"Promulgating left-wing views wouldn't be considered a cause for dismissal at most college campuses, but that's what supporters of DePaul University professor Norman G. Finkelstein say led to his ouster.

"Mr. Finkelstein's case has become a cause celebre in academia as his backers accuse the university of violating the professor's free-speech rights.

"Meanwhile, Mr. Finkelstein, 53, says he plans to return to the Chicago campus Wednesday, the first day of the fall quarter, to teach 'Equality in Social Justice' and other classes, even if it means facing arrest.

"'I intend to get arrested if passage to my office is impeded, and I will go on a hunger strike to defend basic principles of academic freedom and due process,' Mr. Finkelstein wrote in an e-mail to The Washington Times. 'I understand that many students will accompany me to my office and also intend to engage in civil disobedience.'

"The Finkelstein camp contends the professor was denied tenure in June because of his vehement criticism of Israel, which he compared to Nazi Germany ..."
Washington Post

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