Sunday, September 02, 2007

Peter, get your voice back

"Peter Garrett was showered with woodchips as he ran the gauntlet of anti-pulp mill protesters at a Labor Party function in Hobart last night.

"The former Midnight Oil frontman, now federal Labor's environment spokesman, was guest speaker at a dinner to celebrate Denison Labor MHR Duncan Kerr's 20 years in politics.

"Protesters were waiting outside Catch restaurant when Mr Garrett arrived, with speakers blasting Midnight Oil political protest songs of days past ...

"Faced with placards reading 'Peter, get your voice back', Mr Garrett's only comment to the media was that he would 'support a pulp mill in Tasmania only if it meets the world's best environmental standards' ...

"Tasmanian Greens senator Bob Brown took the unusual stance of defending Prime Minister John Howard's insistence that the mill should satisfy all environmental considerations before a federal decision.

"He said Mr Howard's stance seemed at least as strong as Mr Garrett's.

"'Who could have predicted this?' he said."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the last few days, rock singer and environmentalist Peter Garrett has been
co-opted into the Australian Labor Party by new leader Mark Latham. Latham has
repeatedly defied Bush, promising that Australian troops will be home by Christmas.

The Federal election must be held in October at the latest. John Howard will
delay it as long as possible, because Latham will win by a landslide. I
believe that it will be the end of Economic Rationalism in Australia. Latham
has told Big Business to go jump in the lake.

Garrett has long campaigned for the closure of US bases in Australia,
especially the surveillance Echelon base at Pine Gap, in the desert south of
Alice Springs.

Dr Jim Cairns, Acting Prime Minister when Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin in 1974,
warned, in an article in The Australian newspaper of December 27, 1995, that
it was over such issues that the Whitlam Government was sacked by the
Governor-General in 1975.

After the 1984 federal election in Australia, Peter Garrett and Senator Jo
Vallentine quit the Nuclear Disarmament Party (NDP) because, they said,
members of the (Trotskyist) Socialist Workers Party (now Socialist Alliance)
were taking it over.


token australian.
tin foil hat

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