Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bums for Bush

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World Record Moon Attempt
3pm 7 September 2007
The Fountain. Hyde Park. Sydney

Bush is coming to Sydney. Thousands of police, total CBD lockdown, draconian new laws to stifle all protest. Just so nothing disturbs Howard's moment of glory.

APEC's agenda is more free-market madness, more nuclear power, more warmongers deciding how best to fuck the world over.

Is this the future we want? Let's tell Bush what we really think about his visit. Only 4000 cheeks are needed to make the biggest moon in history - a world record Australia can really be proud of.

There will also be an official '21 bum salute' for the 21 countries in APEC.

Hyde Park is not a 'Declared' or 'Restricted' area, you've every right to be there. Bring your friends, bring the family, bring your humour, bring a cheeky message. This is one APEC protest we can all enjoy.

George Bush is here for the big corporations, for nuclear power, and to bind Australia into his insane warmongering. He's shown his arse to the whole world - Iraq, Global Warming, the 'War on Terror'. So a mass moon is the right response to his visit. But unlike George, our mooning isn't going to kill anyone.

Mooning is the universal human gesture of contempt. Bush inspired the previous record - let's set a new record Australia can really be proud of!

It might seem that protest has hit the bottom line… but what's left when our city is locked down by checkpoints, security fencing and draconian new laws. Marches are banned, even banners are banned. Welcome to the Police State of Sydney.

Locking down our city over to this warmonger - what bare-arsed cheek!

Bums Not Bombs

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